Entry # 100

Russell Manor Boiler Replacement

Designer: Ryan MacGillivray

Customer: Saskatoon Housing Authority

Installation Location: Saskatoon, Sask.

Brief overview of the project

Saskatoon Housing Authority owns and manages several properties within the city, and had begun a series of boiler replacements at one of their sites. They were upgrading each 16 suite block from original 30 year old cast iron boilers, to three new condensing boilers. Jody Samuell, egineering trainer for Caleffi, had done a presentation at the office and introduced the new commercial Discal DIRTMAG product to our group. We knew we had this specific project on the go for which this product would be perfect, as we had also specified Grundfos Magna variable speed circulators.

Design goal

The goal of the project was to upgrade the efficiency of the existing heating system in an apartment project, using condensing boilers and ECM circulators. We knew we wanted to remove all of the metal impurities in the system that can be so damaging to these components - especially the magnetite. The Caleffi Discal DIRTMAG was the only product for the job. Our greatest challenge was that the product hadn't yet arrived into North America for the timing of this project, therefore we had a temprorary DiscalDirt installed in its place with isolation. Once the Discal DIRTMAG arrived, we swapped it in to the system.

Installation description

This is a retrofit heating and domestic hot water project, with a boiler plant upgrade.

System performance

We returned on site approximately two weeks after install with the mehcanical supervisor for SHA, the building's maintenance manager as well as the local Caleffi representative to flush the Discal DIRTMAG for the first time. The photo results show what an incredible job the separator did in eliminating the very fine, powder like magnetite from the system, along with other impurities. The owner was extremely pleased (and slightly surprised) to witness the performance of the product. This product will continue to be specified and installed as the remainder of the buildings' heating plants are upgraded.

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