Entry # 103

Plomberie Benoit Demers

Designer: Gabriel Tully

Customer: Plomberie Benoit Demers

Installation Location: Terrebone, Québec

Brief overview of the project

This project represents a sanitizing process in a bottle production factory.  An RBI 4,000,000 BTU boiler, with an Armstrong Series 4380 vertical in-line pump, produces water at 205F temperature.


Gabriel Tully from Emco designed this system to perform and Yanick Rathe from Plomberie Benoit Demers did a very good job installing this set up.


Caleffi product  used:  551100A 4'' DISCAL commercial steel air separator
                                        573 Series backflow preventer
                                        5350 Series AutoFill automatic filling unit

Design goal


Installation description

This is a brand new system.

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