Entry # 106

Whites Ave. Apartments

Designer: John Guglielmi

Customer: Hamilton Management

Installation Location: Watertown, Mass.

Brief overview of the project

This is typical greater Boston apartment building with 85 units.  The management company has 80+ properties, just like this, that need mechanical system overhauls.  We installed 3 - 700,000 BTUH condensing boilers with 2 Turbomax high output domestic tanks and dual ECM pumps for the building loop pumps.  We use Caleffi hydro-separators and water feeds on all of our jobs.  We also used Caleffi zone valves and zone relay boxes.

Aquatherm polypropylene piping was also used for this project.

Design goal

The design goal was to update the boiler and domestic hot water systems to gain efficiency, performance and reliability.  Venting is always a challange on these types of retrofits as well as keeping the hot water on in the building during the swap out.

Installation description

This is a retrofit of an old Hydrotherm boiler system with a side-arm tank.

System performance

Hamilton Management has been so pleased with the initial projects that we have completed more than 20 projects of similar size over the last couple of years.


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