Entry # 109


Designer: Steve Williams

Customer: Private Residence

Installation Location: Brookline, Mass.

Brief overview of the project

This is a 30,000 sq. ft. private residence in Brookline, Mass.  The heating system is primarily radiant infloor heat fed from condensing boilers.  The 60-ton cooling load is handled by remote chillers located at the rear of the property.  In addition to the infloor heat, we also installed a snowmelt system for the driveway and heat a 50,000 gallon pool.

We used a 4" hydro separator for the multiple main house boilers and a flanged DISCAL air separator for the snowmelt system.  We also use several 132 Series balancing valves for managing flow on our remote manifolds.

Design goal

The design goal was to offer the client a very efficient and flexible hydronic heating and cooling plant.  Every aspect of the project was challanging as the mechanical systems needed to be felt but not heard from or seen.  We felt as if we were working in the undergroud tunnels at Disney World to pull off this installation.

Installation description

This is a new heating and cooling installation.

System performance

We have had nothing but praise from a very demanding homeowner and general contractor.

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