Entry # 112

Cambridge Snow Melt System

Designer: Bryan Marino

Customer: Cambridge Snow Melt

Installation Location: Cambridge, Mass.

Brief overview of the project

This project included a new high efficiency boiler plant consisting of two Lochinvar gas fired boilers totaling 1.2 million BTUs of heating output. The boilers are serving a snow melt system, which included 6,000 sq. ft. of driveway, basement radiant and two- 120 gallon indirect fired water heaters. We used Caleffi's hydraulic separator and the air/dirt separator. Our mechanics loved the air/dirt separator and said it made bleeding the air from the system extremely easy. 

Design goal

To design a system that would provide complete snow melting capabilties as the client is on call in the medical field and needs to be able to leave his home on short notice and therefore waiting for snow removal was not a valid option.

Installation description

New installation. Snow melt system, domestic water heating and basement radiant. 

System performance

System is working perfectly. 

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