Entry # 115

Crescent Road

Designer: Jamie Whitehead

Customer: Woitas

Installation Location: 544 Crescent Road Calgary

Brief overview of the project

This job is a 4000 sq. ft. home that is about 100-years-old that has doubled in size with an addition to the back and an addition to one side of the existing house. We decided the best way to heat the additions was to use in slab heat in the basements and garages and use fan coils to heat the rest of the living space. We built a custom boiler system to handle the new loads as well as changed out an existing furnace to a fan coil. We ran piping underground from the new mechanical room to one of the additions to supply two infloor zones and one fan coil.

In total there are three fan coils, five zones of in-slab heat (two garages and three basement zones), and an 80 gallon indirect water heater, all heated with two 155,000 BTUH Knight boilers.

Products used:

Z55 Series Zone valves

548 Series Hydro separator

519 Series Differential pressure bypass valve

5231 Series Thermostatic mixing valve

ZSR103 3-zone Pump control

ZVR106 6-zone Valve control

Design goal

The goal of this project was to provide efficient heating solutions to a complex project. The biggest challenges were to blend the existing house seamlessly in with the two additions, and getting all of the piping installed from one addition to the other. The new mechanical room is separated from one of the additions to the other by the existing house. The developed basement in the existing house was left untouched so everything had to go underground including all the necessary piping and wiring.


Installation description

This is a new/retrofit installation. Most of the system is new but we were able to add a fan coil to the existing house to replace an old furnace.

System performance

We just started the system up, but it was a flawless start-up. This is the first time I have employed a hydro separator and I am really impressed with how it is working.

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