Entry # 124

Smith-Boughan Corporate Office Redesign

Designer: Lance Buettner

Customer: Smith-Boughan Mechanical Services

Installation Location: SB Mechanical (Lima, Ohio)

Brief overview of the project

Smith-Boughan's 6,800 sq. ft. headquarters was in need of a retrofit worthy of a top-notch mechanical services firm. The original boiler was a Weil McClain cast iron sectional boiler with an input capacity of 450,000 BTUH. The original system design was five zones of base board fin tube and controlled through conventional thermostats and zone control valves, most of which were original to the 1960’s installation. Through the load calculations and future renovation plans for the building, the zones did not align with the intended utilization.  The new system design consisted of rezoning the existing baseboard fin tube and installation of two fan coil units to provide a total of seven zones for the new building configuration and utilization. In conjuction with a Lochnivar 199 boiler and 30 gallon buffer tank, Caleffi's boiler trim kit including the DISCAL air eliminator and other high quality system components helped us achieve the results we were looking for.  In addition, Caleffi's Z-one Relay Controls made configuring the new zones a very simple process. 

Design goal

The design goal of the retrofit was to increase system performance and dramatically improve the comfort of the space.  Energy savings and system reliability were a secondary component of the design goal.



Installation description

This is a retrofit application.

System performance

The energy savings exceeded 57% in the first operating season and the system operated flawlessly.  The goal of making our occupants very comfortable on Ohio's coldest days has also been realized.

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