Entry # 131

Cast Iron Boiler Replacement

Designer: Matthew Burgio

Customer: Zoubek

Installation Location: Wayne County, N.Y.

Brief overview of the project

We installed a Viessmann CU3A boiler to replace an existing cast iron boiler. The house is currently a work-in-progress.  The homeowner has plans to upgrade all distribution system and install new radiators and radiant heating to maximize efficiency of new boiler. The CU3A boiler does not require hydraulic separation which makes it a great choice for cast iron replacements, but we still wanted a quality air separator and magnetic dirt seperator especially with the ECM circulators, so we installed a Caleffi 551 Series DISCAL air separator and 5463 Series DIRTMAG.  We also utilized a Caleffi ZSR zone pump control to control the operation of our pumps and a Caleffi 573 Series AutoFill combo to fill our system and provide makeup water.

Design goal

The design goal was to provide a boiler system that could allow for future development and growth as house renovation progresses.  The current objective is to simply keep house from freezing over winter, but as the home renovation progresses it will be tasked with providing a higher level of comfort and efficiency. We also wanted to provide DHW. 

Installation description

This is a heating retrofit system. We hooked up to existing distribution system to keep home from freezing over winter.  We plan on installing an all new distribution system before homeowner moves into house. 

System performance

The system is performing as expected. 

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