Entry # 134

Caribou Condo

Designer: Jon Kitzul

Customer: Klemenz Bros Construction

Installation Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Brief overview of the project

This condo boiler package included (2) Vitodens 200 B2HA 80, Viessmann low-loss header, Viessmann Vitotrol for accurate cascading, Viessmann mixing valve, Tekmar controls, Axiom glycol feeder, Triangle Tube smart tank, Grundfos pumps, Caleffi DISCAL air separator and Uponor piping distribution.

Design goal

With a combination of heat emitters ranging from infloor tubing with gypcrete over pour, domestic hot water and a copper tube heating coil located in the makeup air inlet on the HRV. We had a variety of temperature demands which was made possible by a mixing valve. The heating coil located in the HRV is separated from the system via plate exchanger and a 50% glycol solution for the cool winter months. The 12 infloor zones are satisfied by a Grundfos magna pump which works on pressure differential to accurately calibrate the outgoing pressure to each balanced zone. The domestic hot water is properly distributed from a 120-gallon indirect made by Trinagle Tube. This indirect consists of a tank-in-tank design with a stainless steel core to provide a long life expectancy.

Installation description

This was a new construction install on a 6 plex condo suite. Each suite consists of 1100 sq. ft. of in-floor tubing with a gypcrete over pour. Each suite consits of two zones made possible by thermal actuators located on the heating mainfolds.  The buiilding shares a common 120 gallon domestic hot water indirect tank.

System performance

We intially had issues with air elimination.  After installing the Caleffi DISCAL air separator, those issues were eliminated.  After some fine tuning and accuretly balancing each loop, we have a balanced boiler system.

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