Entry # 137

Cottage Renovation on Lake Joseph

Designer: Ryan Solman

Customer: Douglas

Installation Location: Lake Joseph (Muskoka, Ont.)

Brief overview of the project

We have a high efficiency, propane-fired boiler feeding hot water to an HPS pumping station which then feeds two hydronic air handlers, three infloor manifolds and also an indirect fired water heater. 

We installed a Caleffi 5495 Series SEP4 hydraulic separator to handle our air and dirt separation requirements, as well as hydraulic separation requirements.  We also used Caleffi's boiler feed 573 Series AutoFill Combo as well. 


Design goal

Installation space is typically challenging, but this installation had more space available than usual.

Installation description

The cottage was under renovation.  All HVAC work was replaced with new equipment.


System performance

All of the equipment is new.  Brief testing performed, as it's summer, though we suspect it will preform well!

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