Entry # 143

White Hawk (Boulder, Colo.)

Designer: Pete "The Heat" Evangelista

Customer: White Hawk

Installation Location: EXAMPLE - Grand Prize Entry from 2016

Brief overview of the project

This is a residential system in Boulder Colo. with 4-pipe distribution, allowing simultaneous heating and cooling when needed.  Paralleled ground sourced heat pumps act as the primary heating/cooling generator.  A buffer tank minimizes heat pump cycling and stress on the compressors. A gas-fired boiler provides backup heat redundancy as well as heat for a swimming pool/spa.  Solar thermal is tied into the buffer tank and contributes to the heating and DHW loads.  

Extensive zoning utilizing the Caleffi zone valves provides room-by-room comfort adjustability. Fan coils and radiant distribution move the energy throughout the home. Tight pipe insulation limits losses from the extensive piping, eliminates pipe dripping when in cooling mode and adds to an overall professional look.  

Caleffi components are used for air elimination and venting, zoning, balancing, hydraulic separation, 3-way diverting and thermostatically controlled mixing. The solar subsystem includes Caleffi pump station, solar expansion tank and pre-insulated line sets. 

Design goal

The goal was to design and install a high efficiency system with accurate and user friendly controls to provide room-by-room comfort. As with many mountainview homes, we had to account for significant south facing glass and thus a need to incorporate simultaneous heating/cooling.  The heat pumps were selected to provide base-loading and assure high efficiency during both heating and cooling conditions.  

Installation description

A design engineer was involved in the specifying and configuring of a Siemens control system for this project. The control allows for infinite adjustability and the owners have been learning the homes’ “moods” while competently fine tuning for their ultimate comfort.

System performance

The owners wanted a state-of-the-art hydronic system. I feel we delivered and performance to date has been great! 

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