Entry # 155

Thompson Renovation

Designer: Duane Burdick II

Customer: Home Owner

Installation Location: Conneaut, Ohio

Brief overview of the project

This project was a renovation to the existing boiler system after the home owner added a new addition. The existing boiler system had radiant floor heating panels in the basement, garage and first floor. The second floor had hot water baseboard. The new addition included extending the first and second floor.

We added 2 more zones making this a 6-zone system. We used PEX tubing and heat transfer plates to heat the first floor addition. The second floor addition utilized Slant/Fin baseboard and was tied into the existing heating zone. We Installed the final zone in the basement slab. We removed the existing boiler, piping and controls but left the radiant panels to be tied into the new system. We installed a Lochinvar Knight boiler (199,000 BTU) and a new primary/secondary piping configuration.

We installed the following Caleffi components:
5 - 521 Series thermostatic mixing valves
1 - 551 Series DISCAL air separator
1 - 573 Series AutoFIll valve with backflow preventer device
1 - Z-one Series 6-zone pump relay panel to control the system

Design goal

The design goal was to create a system that was extremely efficient and would meet the demands of the customer while not making it so complicated that servicing would be difficult. The biggest challenge we faced was finding enough space to house all the radiant manifolds and equipment. 

Installation description

This is a retrofit heating system. 

System performance

The system was just started last week and the weather has been mild. We had a factory start-up completed and everything performed as we had planned. Bring on the cold weather!!

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