Entry # 16

Non-Ox Retrofit

Designer: Richard Graves

Customer: Keystone

Installation Location: Heatmeister Retrofit

Brief overview of the project

Richard Graves with Heatmeister was commissioned to replace a cast iron boiler in this townhouse that had been installed with non-oxygen barrier tube.  The system is five zones of radiant heat with existing tube, DHW, and a small walkway of snowmelt.  He used a Lochinvar Knight WHN to save space below for a tank.  

Z-One Relay, DirtMag, 668 Series manifolds with TwisTop actuators, 521 MixCal, 519 differential bypass, and a SolarCon buffer tank were used.  

Design goal

The design goal was to install a high efficiency system, yet to protect the components from the non-oxygen barrier tube. 

Installation description

This is a retrofit application.  Richard started by flushing the existing tube for almost two weeks.  It is a second home, so there was time to clean as much of the tar colored debris out of the system before starting new work.  He used the DirtMag and the buffer tank to better separate any ferrious material left in the system.  He also used bronze and stainless steel pumps.  A sacrificial anode rod was also placed in the buffer tank.    

System performance

Unfortunately, non-ox systems are common in Summit County, Colorado.  Roughly 55 gallons of sludge was flushed out of the house before work began.  The boiler is up and running in time for ski season.  The owners can expect to see enormous energy savings from the oversized cast iron boiler.  The buffer tank and right sized modulating Lochinvar boiler will help match the micro loads on the lower floor to prevent so much boiler cycling.  The Caleffi components have allowed Heatmeister to protect the new equipment from the countinuing air infiltration. 

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