Entry # 17

Aune Plumbing, LLC

Designer: Eric Aune

Customer: Zimmerman, MN

Installation Location: Outbuilding & Garage

Brief overview of the project

This project came to us as a referral from a past customer that was very satisfied with the radiant system we installed in their newly remodeled home. Our client was planning to build a new post-frame outbuilding to use for storage, a woodworking shop and as a "man cave". The outbuilding is positioned on the client's large acrage lot and sits approximately 100' from their home. 

After plans were drawn up for the outbuilding and an estimate for the project was given the owners decided to add to the system and scope of the project. The house garage floor was to be removed and radiant tubing installed in it. The boiler in the outbuilding was resized for that additional load and insulated tubing was trenched in outside to supply the house garage floor.

With the varied flow requirements of three different heating zones the SEP4™ 4-in-1 Hydraulic Separator was the perfect match to the Lochinvar boiler and Taco Bumblebee variable speed circulators.

Design goal

Here in Minnesota our winters are long and cold so heating recreational use space can be a burden for most anyone at the end of the month. For this reason we chose the Lochinvar Knight wall-hung boiler ans sized it using a precise heat loss calulation. Uponor hePEX was installed directly onto the 2" foamboard insulation and connected to Uponor EP radiant manifolds.

Insulated tubing was then installed, routing from the outbuilding to the house garage in preparation for concrete in the outbuilding.

The goal of the design was to provide for an ultra high efficient system that would operate worry free for our new client. The SEP4 helps us install systems that meet those high standards by allowing us to dictate exactly the right amount of flow on the boiler side and system side of the installation.

Installation description

This was a new installation in its entirety.

System performance

As the cold weather has set in the system has been commissioned and is operating very well. The true test will be when our design temperature of -14 sets in and the comfort level in both the house garage and outbuilding remains at the level of expectation our client demands. We stand behind our heating systems with personal and prompt service well beyond the initial installation. Bring on winter!

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