Entry # 170

Haverkamp Farms

Designer: Brandon Gleeson

Customer: Haverkamp Farms - New Build Barn

Installation Location: Listowel, Ont.

Brief overview of the project

This project was a newly built chicken barn to replace the existing building that was lost in a fire. The 548102A Caleffi Hydro Separator was used in conjuction with five 399,000 IBC Boilers that supply hydronic heating to forced air rads in the barn.  The barn is a 65'x400' and two stories high.

Also used on this project were (5) of the 502343A auto air vents on each boiler, (10)  644260A 1" zone valves and (10) 132772A QuickSetter balancing valves used in the distribution zoning system.

Installation description

This was a new build, hydronic radiation system.

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