Entry # 184

J&C Gleeson Farms

Designer: Brandon Gleeson

Customer: John Gleeson

Installation Location: Moorefield, Ont.

Brief overview of the project

This build is for a 350' x 65' newly built chicken barn.  The 548062A 2-1/2" ANSI flange hydro separator is used in conjunction with two IBC 399,999 natural gas boilers that feed forced air rads throughout the barn. This system also uses two 502343A 1/2" automatic air vents which are located on top of both boilers. This system was filled with Caleffi's portable water treatment filling unit, HydroFill, in order to protect and prolong the boiler's life.

Design goal

Our goal for this design was to design a system that was efficient and cost-effective.

Installation description

This is a new installation and is used to heat a chicken barn using forced air rads.


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