Entry # 19

Minnich Mechanical Design

Designer: Stephen Minnich

Customer: Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Installation Location: Keefe Boiler Re-Pipe

Brief overview of the project

I was asked to evaluate the entire hot water heating. Our customer was concerned with rooms that had inconsistent heat and baseboard that always needed air purging. After looking at the near boiler piping, it was obvious to me what needed to be done. The circulators were pumping directly toward the diaphragm expansion tank and there wasn't any air elimination device. As part of the overall re-pipe, we had to move those pumps so that they were pumping away from the expansion tank.  We also added the Caleffi Auto-Fill Combo which consists of a Backflow Preventor and Pressure Reducing Valve and the Caleffi Discal Air Separator. I'm very happy with both products! The fact that the Fill Valve will fast fill while I'm bleeding the system without worry of the relief valve popping is priceless!

Design goal

The design goal for the heating system was simple. We wanted to set the system up for proper air management and air separation so our client would have a heating system they could rely on. In the Chicago area, that's critically important.

Installation description

This application was a retrofit. The old cast iron boiler stayed and the job went very smoothly. My first time using Caleffi and I'm sold. Our business is primarily hydronic heat and we'll be broadening our use of these products because they make our job easier and, ultimately, our customers happier.

System performance

The system is performing flawlessly, quietly, and comfortably!