Entry # 190

Huberts Chicken Barn

Designer: Brandon Gleeson

Customer: The Huberts

Installation Location: Moorefield, Ont.

Brief overview of the project

This install is in a newly built 440' x 60' chicken barn heated with infloor heating.  The system runs two IBC 399,999 natural gas boilers with two Caleffi 502343A 1/2" automatic air vents on top of each boiler.  The boilers work in conjunction with a Caleffi 548062 2-1/2" ANSI flanged hydro separator that feeds 27,000' of infloor heating. The system has been filled with a Caleffi HydroFill demineralizer to prolong the boilers' life span.

Design goal

Our goal for this design is to make the system the most efficent as well as cost-effective for the farmer.

Installation description

This system is a new install for infloor heating.

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