Entry # 196

Mechanical Room Showcase

Designer: Patrick Driscoll

Customer: Home Owner

Installation Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Brief overview of the project

This 5,400 square foot home, plus basement and garage, has two 115,000 BTU boilers feeding 11 pumps. The two boilers are the main heat source for the home to keep it warm in the cold, Canadian Winters.  10,000 feet of radiant tubing is fed through the Caleffi 4-in-1 SEP4 magnetic hydraulic separator with press connections.

With 13 heating zones, this residential property has the ability to allow for maximum comfort and efficiency. 

The Caleffi mixing valve allows us to run a higher temperature in the indirect water heater and maintain proper domestic hot water throughout the house. 

Design goal

The client wanted a showpiece; we did our best to provide that.  Extensive in-house design work was done during the planning stage to create a mechanical room that you could feel comfortable walking into.  We utilized fabrication services to create custom diamond plate boxes to showcase the Caleffi SEP4 and other components of the mechanical room. In an effort to create a more appealing space, flooring was adhered to the walls.  This allows the copper and diamond plate to stand out even more. We were challenged when it came to running the piping behind the walls, as the entire system had to be designed in such a fashion so that although hidden, the heating system is still very serviceable.

Installation description

This installation is a new residential home with 5 bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms.  Photos attached here show the domestic water and radiant heating systems.  This home has two gas-fired furnaces for backup heating.  The furnaces will be mainly used for the air conditioning.

System performance

This is a new build, but is so far running extremely efficiently. It is estimated that this system could eliminate up to 6 tons of carbon emissions per year. Smart controls allow this system to by monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world, including the comfort of your own bed. 

We utilized the press fittings for the SEP4; they were absolutely worth it! We try to use press fittings as much as possible. Not that we cannot solder, (refer to Caleffi Excellence entry January 2016), but as times change, we must adapt.  An Axiom tank is connected on the SEP4's temperature port for water delivery.

We have a few valves and fittings "hidden" behind the checker plate boxes.  The boxes have open tops and can be removed, if need be. So we can still service and access all connections if something failed in years to come. 

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