Entry # 199

Assisted Living Project

Designer: Dan Whitlock

Customer: Greenfield Senior Living

Installation Location: Princeton, Ill.

Brief overview of the project

This is a Snow & Ice Melt System for a Senior Living Center.  The following Caleffi products were used:

  1. Caleffi 551 Series DiscalAir Separators were used to keep the system free of any air in the buffer tank and on the system side.
  2. Caleffi 132 Series QuickSetter is used to control the gpms needed for the injection mixing strategy.
  3. Caleffi 686 Series TwistFlow brass manifold and universal PEX fittings.
  4. Caleffi HYDROFLUSH  flush and fill pump cart was used to fill the system with pre-mixed 50% propylene glycol.

Design goal

The primary entrance into this Assisting Living Center needed a facelift.  They realized from their snowmelt in another entrance that this was a must for this remodel.  The partially covered entrance featuring a 0” curb for the ease of mobility, needed to be ready for anything Mother Nature could stir up in the long winter months in this rural setting.  It’s not uncommon to see 4’ drifts from the blowing wind; no wonder there’s a wind farm in the distance.

Two of the main requirements were to keep this Group Pickup / Drop Off Area free and clear of snow and ice at all times and it needed a simple override switch for the drifting snow and for the big storm coming!  The designed featured 5/8” PEX tubing 6 oc., a readily available heat source with parts access and other features needed to address winter’s best.  

Installation description

This was a remodel project, but the Snow & Ice Melt System was new to the scope of this project.

System performance

The Snow & Ice Melt System exceeded their expectations, which pleases us and those that assisted with this project.  

We have been asked to flush, fill and recharge the glycol in their other Snow Melt System, as well as make any suggestions for improvals.

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