Entry # 20

Mayo Mechanical Inc.

Designer: Dave Mayo

Customer: Newport Bay, Newport Beach CA

Installation Location: Bayshore House

Brief overview of the project

CAL559031A 1-1/4" NPT + 1 Hydrolink 3 +1

CAL551041A 1-1/2' DISCAL Air Separator

CAL132662A 1' QuickSetter Balancing Valve w/ Flow Meter

CAL573009A 1/2" AutoFill / Backflow combo

CAL680504A 1/2" Manifold Fitting

CAL656314 24V TwisTop Thermo-Electric Actuator

CAL6686C5S1A 3 Loop x 1" brass manifold set (supply & return)

CAL6686E5S1A 5 Loop x 1" brass manifold set (supply & return)

CAL6686F5S1A 6 Loop x 1" brass manifold set (supply & return)

Design goal

The goal was to design, build and install a Dual temperature space heating system utilizing 4-high temperature hydro fan coils combined with low-mass/low temp plywood/aluminum radiant floor warming under hardwood.  This 9,000 s.f. home sits next door to John Wayne’s historic Newport Beach, Calif. home.

Installation description

As often happens, we have to continually and gently demand space for our mechanical systems, especially through all the design and architectural changes. The challenge was fitting all mixing and delivery components for the Dual temperature system with variable speed injection mixing into a 9 ft. tall x 5 ft. wide exterior closet while maintaining full service access and aesthetic beauty.  The Caleffi 559 HydroLink figured prominently into meeting both operational (required BTU’s) and space savings requirements.  Another challenge; the equipment closet wall backed up to the kitchen, where mechanical vibration wouldn’t be welcomed. To solve this, we built a Unistrut rack (anchored to both the slab and the mechanical closet header) about 6 inches away from the shared wall.  With true grit, we achieved a showcase installation the owners can be proud of.

System performance

The system hasn't been turned on yet, but we're getting close.

It will soon be used to acclimatize the hardwood floor prior to finish.


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