Entry # 202

Caleffi Install at APTN

Designer: Amy From-Playford

Customer: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Installation Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Brief overview of the project

The 19,000 square foot APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) building in downtown Winnipeg was remodeled in 2015.  One of the remodel goals was to achieve an energy savings of 55% as well as comply with LEED critieria.  As part of this project, the original Burnham Cast Iron 1 million BTU boilers were removed and replaced with two APEX 850MBH boilers.  The cooling system and all pumps were revamped as well with the addition of (2) 6.5 ton chillers. 

As part of the HVAC redesign, a 3” Caleffi Hydro Separator was installed to accommodate the primary/secondary piping required.  On the chiller side, a Caleffi 4” DISCALDIRTMAG (NA546M Series) was installed in September, 2017 to remove the ferrous metal particles (magnetite) that were building up in the system.  The NA546M has been especially efficient at removing the magnetite.   

Design goal

The design goal was to protect the pumps, filter prior to the VFD to keep dirt from adhering to the impellors and to keep the system clean overall.

Installation description

This is a new installation onto the building loop for a hybrid system.

System performance

Good! The customer is quite happy.  All of the occupants of the building have been pleased with the efficient heating and cooling being supplied by the recent improvements..

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