Entry # 205

Combi-boiler Installation

Designer: Matthew Burgio

Customer: A new cottage owner

Installation Location: Hilton, N.Y.

Brief overview of the project

This retrofit installation was for a recently purchased cottage.  The new owners had an outdated furnace that was used for space heating, an air conditioner and a 40 gallon water heater that were all due for replacement. 

Space was at a premium in the mechanical/laundry room.  The customer requested that ALL equipment fit in about a 2 foot space on the wall. 

We decided to use a Viessmann combi-boiler for heat and domestic hot water. We removed all existing ductwork with the plan to install ductless air conditioners in the spring.  We ran 1/2" PEX to Myson radiators in each room for heat delivery.   We’re using a single, internet-capable thermostat to operate the pump and boiler for space heating.  From there, each radiator has its own thermostatic radiator valve to control individual room temperatures.  Our pump operates based on differential pressure and ramps up or down depending on the status of the thermostatic radiator valves.

Caleffi products used:

1.  A 551 Series DISCAL vertical air separator since a horizontal one would not have fit as neatly

2.  A 573 Series AutoFill Combo with backflow preventer

3.  A Z-one single zone pump relay (ZSR101 Series)

Design goal

The design goal was to fit a comfortable and efficient heating and domestic hot water system into a small space and to increase building comfort. 

Installation description

 This is a retrofit heating and domestic hot water system.

System performance

Still early in the season, but so far so good!

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