Entry # 211

Hotel Boiler Upgrade

Designer: John Rood

Customer: Quality Hotel and Suites Convention Centre

Installation Location: Woodstock, Ontario

Brief overview of the project

At the Quality Hotel and Suites Convention Centre in Woodstock, Ontario the old boilers needed replacing and the mechanical room was in dire need of updating. We replaced the 2- 1,000,000 BTU boilers with 3- 399,000 BTU high efficiency condensing boilers.

A 4" flanged low loss header (Caleffi 549 Series HydroCal) played an integral part in the design of the system to transfer heat quickly and efficiently to the storage tanks, protecting the boilers from shock and allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency. The low loss header is also a great air and dirt separator. Caleffi auto air vents were installed on each of the three boilers. Two 2" Caleffi 5231 Series adjustable mixing valves were installed on the lines exiting the hot water storage tanks providing a consistent hot water temperature to the hotel guest rooms.  The mixing valves bring hot water back down to the correct temperature. The mixing valves also allow us, if necessary, to run the boilers and tanks at a higher temperature; that gives us a tremendous amount of hot water capacity in a very short period of time.  And, finally, the Caleffi NA570 Series HYDROFILL demineralizer was used to remove calcium and other minerals from the water in the boiler loop.

The completed installation gave the customer and the maintenance people much more room to move around the mechanical room.



Design goal

The design goal was to replace the boilers and update the equipment mechanical room 

Installation description

This was a retrofit for domestic hot water system for 72 guest rooms, laundry room and kitchen.

System performance

The customer reports the system is working very well and is proud to show it off.

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