Entry # 214

Problem Solved!

Designer: Michael Diack

Installation Location: Woodmere, N.Y.

Brief overview of the project

We’re primarily a maintenance and repair company and we don’t do total system design typically. However, we feel good designs incorporate good products and recently started using a Caleffi product – the AutoFill. Regardless of what a hydronic system is intended to do, we feel the system design can be enhanced simply by incorporating this product.    

I’ve installed hundreds of pressure reducing valves over the past 15 years in the trade, primarily of two other popular brands. Between new gas boiler installations and repairs, those two were the valve brands of choice and reliability. However, in the past few years I’ve noticed several valve failures including leaking water or failure in maintaining adequate boiler operating pressure.

Last week while buying components for my next job, I saw the Caleffi AutoFill valve at a very reasonable price. It looked to be far superior with a nice dial to adjust pressure and even came with a pressure gauge!  I bought one figuring I’d try it out on our next boiler install or repair. Today I used it and found it so easy to install and adjust. A great value to us and our clients too. I just ordered (3) more! The AutoFill PRV will now be the only PRV we stock and install on systems large and small alike. Thank you!!

Design goal

Solve problems with a defective PRV. 

Installation description

A repair.

System performance