Entry # 217

Comfortable Residence

Designer: Dan Whitlock

Installation Location: Central Illinois

Brief overview of the project

This was a new residence with the focus on comfort.   Based on our years of experience with radiant heating and support from industry experts, we proposed a mechanical system to address the needs and must haves of the Homeowners!  

CALEFFI products used on this project included:

1.   132 QuickSetters (18)

2.   668S1 TwistFlow Manifolds (4)

3.   680 Universal PEX Fittings (70)

4.   6442 Motorized Ball Zone Valves (4)

5.   551 DISCAL – Air Separators (2)

6.   5463 DirtMags (2)

7.   626 Flow Switch (1)

8.   548 Hydro Separator (1)

9.   Z5 – Zone Valves (2)

10.  HYDROFLUSH – Fill n Flush Cart (1)

Design goal

Quiet and comfort were the two design goals for this project.

Several Special Challenges included:

  1. Making sure there was enough hot water for all the guests within this 7-bathroom home during the holidays!   
  2. Provide detailed documentation for future servicing and maintenance of the Mechanical System and Controls!
  3. Having enough room to make everything fit and still be serviceable.   

Installation description

This was a 2+ year new construction project and we were involved with the Heating, Cooling and Plumbing on this project. 

System performance

The Homeowners expressed their home is amazingly comfortable and could not see living without radiant heating because of this experience.  

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