Entry # 22

Jim Burgio Plumbing

Designer: Matthew Burgio

Customer: Ontario, NY

Installation Location: Radiant System

Brief overview of the project

548 Hydro Seperator

Z5 Z-one Zone Valves

ZVR Z-one Relay

573 AutoFill combo


Design goal

We were approached by the customer with an existing 20-year-old gypcrete radiant system that used a low efficiency boiler with fixed temperature mixing valves. There were several issues with the system including temperature overshoot in some areas, lack of heat in others due to air in the system, flue gas condensation, and various leaks. He opted to have a new Viessmann Vitodens boiler installed to reduce the operating cost, as well as provide outdoor reset control to minimize overheating. We removed three seperate zone circulators and replaced them with one Alpha with three Z-one zone valves, and the new Caleffi Z-one relay control. We also installed the Hydro Separator, among other reasons, to provide a high degree of air separation. The system provides space heating as well as domestic hot water production.

Installation description

This was a retrofit sytem.  The main issues with the original system could be traced back to the heat source and distribution system.  Luckily, the tubing was laid out properly.

System performance

So far the customer has been saving around 30% on fuel costs, with the addition of a properly working system that is now exceeding his comfort expectations.

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