Entry # 23

Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Designer: Keith Ouimette

Customer: Sun Prairie, WI

Installation Location: Hot Water Products - New Building

Brief overview of the project

Renovation of heating system at Hot Water Products new building in Milwaukee, WI.

Caleffi Products used in this project:

  1. ZRS Z-One Relay zone controls
  2. 663 Manifolds
  3. 6563 Thermo-electric actuators w/twist top
  4. 5022 Automatic air vent


Design goal

The design goal of this heating system was to serve a few different purposes.  First and foremost, upgrade the heating system from electric heat to hydronic heat.  Second, design a system that could heat the space at design conditions with low supply temperatures. We wanted to make sure the high efficiency boilers operated at there peak efficiency.  The third goal was to arrange the mechanical room to showcase Hot Water Products boiler line & create a hands on training room for the contractors that offer their products.  This mechanical room was also arranged so it would be easy to add new pieces of equipment in the future and could be done with out interrupting the system.




Installation description

This was a new installation.   The only real challenge was that the building was already finished, so the install didn’t go quite as quick as a new construction project.  Thankfully, the ceiling in the offices are acoustical tile, so we were able to route all our distribution piping above the acoustical tile ceiling.


System performance

The system is performing perfectly.  Each office has it’s own thermostat, so the office personnel can select their desired temperature.  This makes everyone happy.


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