Entry # 24

Rocky Point Engineering Ltd

Designer: Rob Cenedese

Customer: Surrey, BC

Installation Location: Martha Currie Elementary School

Brief overview of the project

Boiler Plant Upgrade for an Elementary School.  Replaced old, inefficient boiler with 6 rack-mounted, condensing IBC Boilers.

Caleffi hydraulic separator (low-loss header) was used.  Due to the staging of new boilers and multiple zones, this was an excellent application for the Caleffi hydraulic separator to ensure the fluctuating flows on either side of the hydraulic separator.

We also provided VFDs for the secondary pumps, controlled on differential pressure.

Design goal

The design goal was to replace an inefficient boiler plant nearing the end of its serviceable life with a new, reliable and efficient boiler plant.

Installation description


Yes, challenges included dealing with multiple zones and an older design with equipment/coils that were originally designed for high temperature / low temperature differential. The original pump flows were very high so we had to ensure we had sufficient flows,  The Caleffi hydraulic separator ensure the needed flows between the primary and secondary loops.

We provided outdoor air reset and also monitored valve positions in the school.  We reset supply water temperature and pump speed accordingly.

We have utilized this approach on most of our boiler plant retrofits.

System performance

The system is performing very well and reliable.

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