Entry # 25

Tecnico Chauffage ltd

Designer: Pierre Blain

Customer: Longueuil QC

Installation Location: Showroom/Training Facility

Brief overview of the project


I used the Hydrolink 559 two + two, two pumps stations Hydromixer #163, and a 1/2" AutoFill 573002A.



Design goal

This particular installation is an aerothermal unit, air to water heat pump, 5 ton unit.

Installation description

This installation is in our showroom to show how easy it is to work with Caleffi products. It also shows how easy and fast it is to set the system and get the maximum efficienty from it. Here we are selling Caleffi product to the contractor and we are able to train them how to install all the product purchase at our store. 

System performance

The performance was very good in the summertime to cool the space, and in the winter, when it can get down to minus 15 degrees celcius, this unit is making the job look effortless!

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