Entry # 26

Sunrise Solar

Designer: Earl Anderson

Customer: Cripple Creek, Colorado

Installation Location: Radiant Heat at 10,000 feet

Brief overview of the project

This is a solar-combi system installation that was completed in 01/2013 that features several Caleffi products.

The system includes

1" Hydro Separator #548096A

1"  X 6-outlet distribution manifold #6686F5S1A

MixCal thermostatic mixing valve #521509AC

AutoFill combo #573009A

iSolar BX differential temperature controller.

Design goal

The design goal was an infloor heating & domestic hot water (DHW) system, supplied with primarily solar and a high-efficiency gas boiler as backup.

Installation description

The installation was a new house construction - all of the mechanical components (689-gallon insulated stainless steel solar buffer tank, 53-gallon indirect water heater, high-eff wall hung boiler, Caleffi distribution manifold, pumps, calves, piping & controls) needed to fit in an 8' x 8' space and allow for easy access for future service.

System performance

Less than 250 gallons of propane usage in past 12 months says as much about the tight construction as it does with the efficient design of the heating equipment.

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