Entry # 27

Husted's Plumbing and Heating

Designer: Aaron Husted

Customer: Clarion, Pa.

Installation Location: Easy Boiler Upgrade with Caleffi Accessories

Brief overview of the project

First Presbyterian Church in Clarion, Pa. was in need of an upgrade in their hydronic heating system.  Two large cast iron boilers were being replaced with new modulating condensing boilers to improve energy efficiency.  Additionally, the main church buidling was to be split into two zones to allow increased comfort and energy efficiency.

Caleffi products:

HydroCal 549 Series was used to separate the low pressure drop existing heating system from the higher pressure mod-con boilers.   The hydaulic separator allowed simpler piping modifications and added air and dirt elimination to the system as well.

Z57 Series Zone Valves were employed to add zoning to the main church building to improve comfort and efficiency.

573009A AutoFill - backflow preventer combination was used to tie the heating system into the potable water supply.

Design goal

The goal of the project was to increase efficiency and comfort.  The original design of the church building was tied into the same zone as the offices.  Maintaining comfort in both areas was nearly impossible.  Adding the Z57 Zone Valves allows each section to be independently controlled.

Adding ModCon boilers to improve energy efficiency was key to the project.  The HydroCal simplified the piping modifications reducing the contractors on-site time to make the upgrade

Installation description


We needed larger pipe size zone valves to maintain the existing piping arrangment and minimize downtime.

The church has an added Mother House and DayCare Center.  We also needed to minimize the time to make the retrofit so these areas could continue operational.

System performance

System is performing excellent!

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