Entry # 28

Young's Services

Designer: Mark Fryer

Customer: Snowmass, Colo.

Installation Location: Condo Complex Snowmelt

Brief overview of the project

Young’s Services had previously completed the space heat and domestic hot water retrofit at Wood Run Place.  They were hired to change the leaking snow melt boilers in another part of the building.  They reworked the piping using a Caleffi 549 HydroCal to keep the boiler and system flow rates from fighting each other, especially because they are using a variable speed Wilo Stratos for the secondary loop.

Design goal

Provide reliable snowmelt for the condo complex.

Installation description

Retrofit.  A challange was adapting to the existing snowmelt secondary loop and removing air from the large slab.

System performance

The system is performing well and keeping the slab clear for skiers loading and unloading their gear.

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