Entry # 29

Heat Tek

Designer: Joeseph Keyes

Customer: Vestal, NY

Installation Location: Residential Boiler Install

Brief overview of the project

The owner had issues with an improperly installed system.  The house was either over 80° or under 60°.  We utilized the 548 Series hydro separator.  The 573 Series AutoFill provided an easy alternative to other fill valves. We also used the 132 Series QuickSetter balancing valve to keep the zones supplied with proper flow.

Design goal

Our object was to provide a better working system and provide the owner with a heating system to last for many years.

Installation description

This was a complete retrofit; we separated the house into four new zones. We had to keep the existing system working and build the new system next to the original. There were several zone valves installed throughout the house. We had to consolidate the system and make sure the pumps were sized for proper flow.

System performance

The system exceeds expectations of the owner AND contractor.  From the hydro separator to the AutoFill and balancing valves, Caleffi products provided an excellent alternative to standard piping and accessories.