Entry # 36

Butters-Fetting Co.

Designer: Ken Bauer

Customer: United States

Installation Location: Office Addition with Exposed Mechanical Room

Brief overview of the project

A key design element of the new Butters-Fetting office addition was to expose all mechanical systems.  Unlike most offices where the mechanical work is hidden in equipment rooms and above ceilings, we wanted it to be on display.

The mechanical equipment was strategically located within the office for ease of viewing and training.  This allows a better understanding of how systems can be optimized through control strategies where the effect can be witnessed at the equipment and through the computer-modeled graphics.  This mirrored approach allows training opportunities for balancing, control integration, functional performance testing and commissioning.

The new office incorporates the latest in variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, low temperature radiant heating and energy recovery.  Each zone is monitored and controlled by a building automation system (BAS) with graphic interface.

The high efficiency dual boiler arrangement includes primary pumps, Caleffi storage tank for hydraulic separation and buffering, and variable speed secondary pumping with a centralized Caleffi piping distribution manifold.  The system provides separated zone control at one location.  Ultrasonic flow measurement provides flow monitoring and control through the BAS interface.

At Butters-Fetting, living with the systems we install gives us the opportunity to critique and monitor the state-of-the-art systems available today.  We know if we are happy with how the systems perform, our customers will be too.

Design goal

The design goal was to provide the latest state-of-the-art systems available today allowing detailed system monitoring and training opportunities.

Installation description

It was a new installation where all products are exposed in the office area.

System performance

The combo system includes VRF for cooling and high efficiency low temperature radiant heating for maximum energy savings.

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