Entry # 37

Training Room

Designer: Greg Burney

Customer: Denver, Colo.

Installation Location: Residential Boiler Training Room

Brief overview of the project

A Caleffi Hydro Separator, a 132 Series balancing valve and an Autofill automatic filling valve with backflow preventer were used in this project.

Design goal

The goal was to have a boiler system to use for training, which included other high tech components to demonstrate modern hydronic best practices.  With the use of the Tekmar controls, a DHW tank, Wilo ECM pump and fan coil for a heat dump, the boiler can be run continuously for combustion tests and programing.  A 132 balancing valve was used on the primary loop to simulate reduced flow conditions.  By closing the balancing valve, you can recreate the common problem of not moving enough water through the heat exchanger.

Greg was the project manager.  Therese specified Aquatherm pipe for the installation.  You can see how well both the pipe and the Caleffi Hydro Separator insulation keep the heat in the system and out of the room from the Flir infrared photos.  There is very little heat loss from the distribution piping while the boiler is running, which also helps keep a room full of students from overheating.

Installation description

This is a new installation, which was designed to be serviceable and easy for a group of people to see during a training session.

System performance

The system performs well, unless it has been purposefully altered to not work in a troubleshooting training class.

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