Entry # 39

Rocky Point Engineering

Designer: Jason Le

Customer: Whistler Health Care Centre, Whistler, BC

Installation Location: Boiler Upgrade

Brief overview of the project

Boiler Plant upgrade for the Whistler Health Care Centre.

The existing cast iron boilers were replaced with seven new high efficiency condensing boilers.

A Caleffi 548 Series low-loss header was installed to provide hydraulic separation between the primary and secondary loops.

Design goal

The heating system comprised of two inefficient cast iron boilers, dating to original construction of 1993. The goal was to replace the aging boilers with new condensing boilers in order to improve operating efficiencies and reduce GHG emissions.

Installation description


Installing the seven boilers complete with new piping within the contraints of the existing boiler room proved challenging.  The Caleffi Hydro Separator simplied the piping scheme which contributed to the overall success of the project.

System performance

The system is performing well

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