Entry # 40

Par Mechanical

Designer: Pete Cassidy

Customer: Ridgeway, Colo.

Installation Location: Ridgeway Ranch

Brief overview of the project

The system was installed in a ranch in Ridgeway, Colo.  Caleffi zone valves, air separators and dirt separators were used in the project.

Design goal

They have 22 zones of radiant heat and two indirect tanks in the home.  There is a large area of snowmelt.  The system is powered by two Knight XLs.

Installation description

This was a new installation.  The major design constraint was having two seperate spaces to build the mechanical system.  The boilers were put in a different room from the secondary loop and distribution system.  Par Mechanical runs as much of the piping and wiring as they can behind plywood, while leaving all the servicable components exposed.

System performance

The system is keeping the ranch warm through the long winters in Ridgeway.

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