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D.R. Kohlman, Inc

Designer: Douglas Kohlman

Customer: Saint Cloud, Wisc.

Installation Location: River Heat Geothermal Heat Pump Flow Station

Brief overview of the project

Pictured is a geothermal source water flow station designed to support ninety tons of geothermal equipment.

The flow station consists of two 6" Caleffi hydro separators and four Armstrong dual arm circulators separating the source side of the system from the load side.

The Caleffi hydro separators make it possible to isolate the river installed Slim Gym® exchangers from the load side loops.

When the temperature of the river drops to a point where the heat exchangers could form ice on the exterior side of the plates, the source side pumps would turn off initiating two Viessmann high-efficient condensing gas boilers. The boilers would be piped through a 2" Caleffi hydro separator. A Grundfos injection pump would supply heat to two progressive loops running throughout the building. The tempered source water would support 36 individual geothermal heat pumps piped in a primary/secondary configuration.

Also pictured is a water-to-water geothermal heat pump. This system is utilizing a Caleffi pressure differential bypass control. Heat pump serves multiple air handlers using Caleffi motor-operated zone valves which controls chilled and hot water flow to the individual air handlers.

System has been operating through an entire cooling season and is now completing its first heating season. It has been performing as expected.

The flow station was designed by Douglas R. Kohlman and built by D.R. Kohlman, Inc of 1117 Church Street, St. Cloud, WI 53079. www.hvac@drkohlman.com

Design goal

This is a heating and cooling system

Installation description

This was a new installation.

System performance

The system is performing as expected.

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