Entry # 43

The Hydronics Team

Designer: Darryl Saunders

Customer: Toronto, Ont.

Installation Location: Wellsley Home Renovation

Brief overview of the project

We were called in to design and install a heating system in a major house renovation in Toronto.

The house is multi-zoned, running radiant infloor everywhere and DHW.

We used a Buderus Boiler with a Caleffi Heat Storage Tank as well as a number small Caleffi accesories (air eliminators, air vents, bleeders, automatic fill and backflow combo).

Design goal

The design goal was to have a reliable and efficient heating and DHW system.


Installation description

This project was partially new as well as a partial retrofit.

We had to connect into an existing system, pipe to renovated rooms and add onto a new addition.

System performance

The system has been working great!  Knock on wood; we haven't had a call back yet!   :)

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