Entry # 47

Cooper Plumbing & Heating/Conematic

Designer: Jamie Whitehead

Customer: Calgary, AB

Installation Location: Hope Street

Brief overview of the project

For this system, the products were specified by Conematic and much of the design was done by them as well.  Conematic is a boiler manufacturer with design capabilities that does factory training for the installation of their system which has some unique characteristics when compared to others. Part of this system was the 172 Series Caleffi manifold mixing stations for distribution of the different zones for the radiant floor heat that covers all three floors of the house.

Design goal

This system manages all of the heating for the house including domestic hot water, radiant floor heat throughout the house and forced air through two fan coils.

Installation description

The main challenge for me - as the installer - was fitting everything in the very limited space provided for mechanical systems.

System performance

The system seems to be performing quite well. The pictures show the system while it was under construction and there are still some things left to complete. At this point, we have only been operating the radiant floors, but we will soon have the rest of the system up and running.

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