Entry # 48

Advanced Hydronics LLC

Designer: Solomon Gallegos

Customer: Telluride, Colo.

Installation Location: Cast Iron Retrofit

Brief overview of the project

Sol with Advanced Hydronics in Telluride, Colo. was hired to replace a cast iron boiler system with a 4-way mixing valve for a modern alternative.  He used a Caleffi thermostatic mixing valve in his new system to protect the radiant zones on the lower level as well as a DISCAL air separator for air elimination.  He used a Lochinvar WHN085 high efficiency boiler and stainless steel pumps to protect the components from the non-oxygen barrier tube.

Design goal

The system heats the building with baseboard and radiant floors and also provides DHW with a 50 gallon indirect tank.

Installation description

This is a retrofit installation.  Using the existing non-oxygen barrier tubing added difficulty to the retrofit, so we added a DISCAL air sep to keep air out.

System performance

The system is performing well now and is protecting the low temperature zones with a thermostatic mixing valve instead of a motorized 4-way valve.  The energy efficiency is MUCH better than the old cast iron boiler, especially at 9,000 feet!

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