Entry # 50

Schubert Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Designer: Dan Schubert

Customer: Mission, BC

Installation Location: Fraserview Boiler Retrofit

Brief overview of the project

This was a boiler retrofit for an aging cast iron boiler.  We were given an empty room to build our new system and did the tie-in over the Christmas holidays to avoid any downtime for the school.

We used a Caleffi air/dirt/hydraulic separator and Caleffi pressure differential valves for the baseboard heating loops.

Design goal

The design goal was to provide a high-efficent system to replace an aging boiler that had limted lifespan. We replaced the boiler that provided heating water for high temp baseboards and also we installed an on-demand domestic hot water boiler.

Installation description

This was a retrofit - we had to do the change over during Christmas holidays so everything had to come together smoothly with limited hiccups.

System performance

System is performing very well.

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