Entry # 53

Sealey Plumbing & Heating

Designer: Ed Sealey

Customer: Plymouth, Mass.

Installation Location: Kerr Residence

Brief overview of the project

This is a heating system retro-fit.  Caleffi products used were the Z55P Series Z-one zone valves with Presscon fitting, a 551 Series DISCAL air separator, a 573 Series AutoFill pressure regulator/backflow combo, and a 5463 Series DIRTMAG magnetic dirt separator.  The system has seven zones of baseboard heat and an indirect water heater.

Design goal

The system is a heat-only system. The objective was to replace the existing fixed temperature, direct vent boiler with a modulating condensing boiler that utilizes outdoor reset.  At the same time, we wanted to update the system piping and components, which involved moving everything from the center of the room to an outside wall where we could save some space. We replaced the existing slow- to-react hot motor zone valves with quick opening mechanical press zone valves that consume less energy, and have a higher Cv rating.  They also allow more flow to the individual zones.  We replaced the undersized fixed speed pump with a larger, more appropriately sized ECM pump.  To protect the now more restrictive heat exchanger and the ECM pump, we installed a magnetic dirt seperator.

Installation description

System was a retro-fit. The main challenge was trying to distribute the heat more evenly throughout the house.  The other challenge was cleaning up the distribution system so that the system could be serviced easily.

System performance

System has been in service for a little over a year and the design objectives have been met. Customer states that there are no more cold spots in the house and the fuel consumption is less than in previous years.

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