Entry # 55

Winthrop / Williams Fuel Companies

Designer: W. Douglas Guerette

Customer: Maine

Installation Location: Heating System Upgrade

Brief overview of the project

Winthrop Fuel was approached by one of our customers looking to save fuel and upgrade their existing heating system.

We removed an old HB Smith boiler and installed an energy efficient System 2000 EK-1 boiler.

Design goal

Simplifying the installation by using the Caleffi Presscon Zone Valves.

Installation description

This is retrofit.

Challenges:  We like the idea of Presscon press products because it allows for most jobs like this to be done in 1 day instead of 2.  We also like the Caleffi Z55P's because the unions allow us to easily service the body of the valve in tight spaces like this job.

System performance

The combination of the Caleffi Z55P's and a new Grundfos Alpha ECM pump has improved the electrical efficiency greatly compared to the old system.

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