Entry # 56

Tip Top Plumbing

Designer: Bill Olschewski

Customer: Manitoba, Canada

Installation Location: Mechanical Room

Brief overview of the project

This is a combination heating/cooling and domestic hot water system.

Design goal

To produce a highly energy efficient system with the workmanship and appropriate componentry to deliver a long service life for the owners.

Installation description

We created 5 zones and zoned using variable speed circulators. On these zones, we used Caleffi 3-way thermostatic mixing valves to provide consistent temperature to the emitters. On one of the zones, we further divided into 5 subzones using zone valves. The Caleffi zone relay and pump relay controls were used because they can communicate as one control and make for simpler programming and wiring. We also made two high temperature zones using fixed speed circulators and controlled by another Caleffi relay. On top of the two Triangle Tube Smart indirect hot water heaters are Caleffi air vents, which we have had good luck with. In addition to incorporating a coalescing air separator, we used a Caleffi dirt separator with the magnetic feature. There are several iron and steel components used in the system, and the magnetic elimination of particles gave that extra measure of protection of the other components. Another Caleffi component used was the Autofill valve which makes filling pretty easy.

The project went pretty smoothly.

System performance

So far the system has been working as designed. No issues... customer is happy!

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