Entry # 57

Owl Creek Ranch

Designer: Mark Fryer

Customer: Aspen, Colo.

Installation Location: Owl Creek Pre-fabricated Boiler Skid

Brief overview of the project

Young’s Services was contracted to replace six aluminum heat exchanger boilers in a home near Aspen, Colo.  The original boilers were vented through a concentric termination kit backwards, so they were prone to freezing over the vent and provided inconsistent performance.  The tricky part of the project is that they only had a one-week window to get the old boilers out and get the new ones up and running.  They decided to pre-fabricate a skid in their shop using Lochinvar FTXL boilers that they could slide into the room in two pieces with the new boilers and primary loop already piped.  They used a Caleffi 548 Series hydro separator.

Design goal

This is a radiant heating system for a home with a separate guest home and pool.

Installation description

The project is a retrofit reusing existing distribution piping.  The time constraint was the major design challenge.

System performance

The system is running well and was finished in their one week window.

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