Entry # 59

Mike Lampkin Heating

Designer: Mike Lampkin

Customer: Pembroke, Ont.

Installation Location: Propane Backup Boiler

Brief overview of the project

A Viessmann Vitodens boiler was installed as a backup boiler for a TARM Wood Gasification boiler. A Caleffi "DIRTMAG" (Dirt Separator) was installed on the inlet of the boiler to provide protection. Although not shown in the pictures, there will also be a Caleffi "AutoFill" valve installed to replace the older, make-up fill valve and a new "DISCAL" Air Separator will be installed for the system.

Design goal

To provide a propane backup boiler with outdoor reset when the wood gasification boiler is not being used, especially in the spring and fall heating seasons.

Installation description

This was a new installation.  The backup boiler was tied into the system using a low loss header and modifying the primary loop piping.

System performance

The system runs very nicely by taking advantage of the lower water temperatures that can be used by the heating system.

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