Entry # 61

Nilson Mechanical Contracting

Designer: Matt Nilson

Customer: Crested Butte, Colo.

Installation Location: Mt. Crested Butte

Brief overview of the project

We used Caleffi mixing valves, zone valves, air separators, dirt separators and a commercial air vent for the buffer tank.

Design goal

The system is designed to provide radiant heat to a large ski home.  There are lots of zones so a buffer tank was used to limit short cycling.  They even installed some radiant behind decorative stone in the stairwells.  The house has a lot of vertical space between the three floors with an open central staircase, so warm floors and walls will maintain a more even temperature between the levels.

Installation description

The building is full house retrofit.  Existing steel beams made running heating lines harder across the home.  They will eventually have a second mechanical room with additional snowmelt equipment.

System performance

The house is still under construction.

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