Entry # 62

Steven Raffaini Plumbing and Radiant

Designer: Steven Raffaini

Customer: Sonoma, Calif.

Installation Location: Tamal Vista

Brief overview of the project

Designed by Cal-Steam and myself to install radiant heat for 180 one- and two-bedroom apartments and town homes built in a complex of six total four-story buildings.  Our radiant heat system is installed in four of the buildings. Rooftop boiler systems supply hot water to baseboard radiant heat systems for the apartments and town homes located eight miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Rooftop installation included the following CALEFFI products:

2-1/2" Air and dirt separators

AutoFill valves

Flow meters

Design goal

Designed to provide a sustainable heat system for the project.  Radiant heat footprint is much smaller than a forced air system and uses less energy.

Installation description

New Installation.  Challenges were the project size - supporting a continuous system that flows through up to 65 units.

System performance

We are in the process of startup now.  With two each 285K BTU Knight Lochinvar boilers now live on Building 2 and Building 3, we are extremely pleased with the installation and performance thus far.

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